Anytime, Anywhere,share all your contents.

Remote Full HD Streaming Media Player. ShareOn Video

You can easily access your audio, video, and photos on your pc and view or play them on your device with a single ID. Specially, you can share your media files with friends and family on an HDTV and hi-fi speakers supporting DLNA.

Download shareon video for android

Download shareon video for windows

Download shareon video for android

Recording contents you watched on the timeline

‘What was the song I heard last summer?’, ‘Which is the last episode I saw? You may have asked yourself these questions. No cause for concern, ShareOn adds previous activity to a timeline so that you will never forget what you watched.

Don’t have to download

every media content and could simply synchronizeeach device by log in with one ID. Then you can enjoy your media contents

Enjoy all your content on a single ID

Are you not familiar with computer programs? No worries. All you have to do is install an application and register! Then, you are free to use all the services on various devices and enjoy all your content with your ID.

Watch videos on a bigger Screen, Listen to music through greater speakers.

ShareOn has just made your wish come true. You can wirelessly watch all your content stored on your smart phone, on a big screen. Also, you can wirelessly connect to better speakers (must be DLNA supported).

Anytime, anywhere, be free with ShareOn Video

Do you want to watch videos on your desktop at a library? You don’t have to suffer any longer. Now you are able to watch videos on devices anytime and anywhere through your Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G signal with ShareOn.

No conversion is required

Are you still spending time converting video files to supported file formats in order to play them on your phone? You can now watch any video file on your phone without having to encode or decode with ShareOn.

Connect with Social Networks

Do you feel like sharing funny photos and videos with your friends? While you are viewing photos and videos on ShareOn, you can easily share them with your friends on Facebook.

Make my media safer

You may not want to share your files with others. Don’t worry! All information and files on ShareOn are not accessible by others. Also, there is no need to transfer files to your device because ShareOn is simply running off of your storage.

Enjoy ShareOn Video without any capacity limitation

Are you fed up with limited space on clouding services? You no longer have to worry. ShareOn uses space from your personal storage system.